Collaboration by Design: Finding the Right Audio Solution for Your Business

When it comes to finding the right communication tools for your business, it’s hardly one size fits all.
As more companies jump on the Unified Communications bandwagon, it’s more important than ever to identify which products will enhance and not hinder communications and are easy to deploy. Here are the main things to consider when choosing the right UC audio tools for your organization.
Type of Workspace
When considering audio products for the workplace different roles require different features depending on the environment. Are your workers in an open space, cubicles or individual offices?. Administrators, for example, rely upon the ability to multitask while salespeople or managers often prefer to stay connected while roaming the office freely. First identify the type of work environment to establish the needs of your employees.
The Logitech headset portfolio offers a broad range features and price points. The Wireless Headset H820e can stay connected wirelessly up to 300ft and with DECT spectrum wireless connectivity; the H820e provides an exceptional wireless range that won’t interfere with Wi-Fi devices in your office.
For headsets, sound isolation defines efficiency. The double-ear (stereo) corded design is ideal for employees who need to block out surrounding noise and chatter for distraction-free focus during desktop calls, while the single-ear (mono) corded design is for employees who prefer to have an open ear to their surroundings.
But not everyone has access to desktop setups and conference rooms. Road warriors and telecommuters require the same enterprise-grade tools that their office counterparts take for granted. That’s why Logitech released the Mobile Speakerphone P710e. It shares the same audio DNA as professional-grade conference room set-ups, but with mobile advantages. The integrated stand holds the mobile phone or tablet in place for shake-free video calls and hands-free access to the mobile screen while USB, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity easily pairs to PCs, Macs, and up to eight Bluetooth devices.
How Often is the Product Used?
Some workers consider their headset as an extension of their body, while others only require it for a monthly conference call. All Logitech headsets are designed to withstand the 8-hour workday, and some provide additional features and comforts for all-day use.
Both the H390 and H650e USB headsets and the Wireless Headset H820e feature premium leatherette ear pads that remain comfortable after long hours and can be easily cleaned or replaced as desired. With a sleek, ultra-lightweight design, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. For users logging serious call-times, the Logitech Wireless Headset H820e offers up to 10 hours of wideband talk time and includes a charging base that can power up to 5 hours of talk in just 50 minutes.
Is it Software Friendly?
What good is a headset upgrade if it doesn’t work with any of your company’s pre-existing software? The driving factor behind quicker UC adoption is compatibility. The majority of Logitech’s headset offerings feature seamless integration with leading UC platforms and are optimized for Microsoft Lync, compatible with Cisco, and Skype certified. As more employees rely on PC-based communications, we’ve designed our headsets to be optimized for PC-based IP telephony systems as well. With a USB headset and Cisco IP Communicator, you can easily access your corporate network whether you are working from home, supporting a contact center, or traveling on business.
As these audio solutions continue to evolve, our primary goal is to make efficient and easy to use tools that anyone can use. Productivity at the right price is our end game and we’re committed to making products for real people. Learn more about the full range of our audio offerings here.

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