How Can Your Enterprise Improve Collaboration in One Simple Step? See Logitech at Enterprise Connect.

This year at Enterprise Connect, you’ll have the opportunity to meet industry leaders on topics ranging from Unified Communications and video to WebRTC and the Cloud.
All of these technologies have the potential to transform business through better, faster, smarter communication and collaboration. But migrating to next-generation systems, software and architecture can be a lengthy process (as it should be because there’s so much at stake).
The good news is there are small, simple steps you can take to immediately and significantly improve collaboration.
Easy Does It
With Logitech video and audio peripherals, any business can easily deploy enterprise-quality communication tools to specific departments, regional offices or the entire organization. All of our products are plug-and-play compatible with whatever computers and platforms you have in place. So it’s simple and affordable to add capabilities such as professional group videoconferencing.
Logitech product designs are so intuitive and easy to operate that employees actually love to use them. And they can start using them right away without having to wade through hefty instruction manuals or sit through long training sessions.
Here’s a snapshot of some of the great solutions you’ll find at our booth.
All-in-One ConferenceCams for Group Videconferencing
Logitech has broken down the cost barrier to expanding enterprise-quality videoconferencing beyond the boardroom. Plug-and-play ConferenceCams combine business-grade HD video and audio in all-in-one solutions that are affordable, and easy to use and deploy. Don’t miss the new ConferenceCam Connect. It’s the first portable device that brings high-quality group videoconferencing to any collaboration space.
Be sure to ask for a demo of Logitech’s new PTZ Pro Camera, a premium USB-enabled HD 1080p PTZ video camera for use in conference rooms, education, health care and other professional video workspaces.
Clear communication is critical in any organization. Logitech’s UC-ready headsets ensure that employees and customers clearly hear every word in the conversation, even in noisy and distracting open workspaces. Advanced noise cancellation, wideband audio quality, convenient call controls and a host of other productivity-focused features enable employees to easily collaborate and get business done.
We’ll see you soon at Enterprise Connect! Check out Logitech’s full line of UC solutions at booth 1835.

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