Say What? An Exploration into Being Awkward at the Office

Appearances can be deceiving. Office communication can be too – an email or statement that reads or sounds totally innocuous and informative to one person may come across as hilarious, inappropriate or downright wacky to another.
An employee overhears his manager say that another staffer “isn’t going to get very far” and calls his co-worker to warn him about an impending termination – only to find out that the manager was talking about the staffer forgetting his car keys. Or the employee who phones a colleague and thinks he/she said that he/she has a big butt problem when in reality, the colleague said that he/she has a big bug problem. Miscommunication over the phone like this happens all the time so if you find it’s happening to you, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade.
Though these situations can be quite embarrassing and/or awkward when they happen, they’re pretty amusing in retrospect. That is why we are launching a series that will showcase some examples of office miscommunication and celebrate the awkward turtle in all of us. Stay tuned to our social channels for more images like the one below and share your own office miscommunication stories in the comments! #saywhat

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